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 Welcome to HVF West LLC

With over 4 Million Sq Ft of operating space throughout the United States, highly skilled labor and mobile DEMIL teams, we are uniquely positioned to handle our governments onsite and offsite DEMIL and Material Recovery needs.

From small remote site DEMIL and Material Recovery operations to full scale development, management, and logistics for Nationwide initiatives we have a solution for every mission… and we do not fail!


Our reputation is not invented, it has been earned through exceptional performance, outstanding customer relations and resolute security. Employing key personnel with deep government and industry backgrounds, ordering agencies are provided with active consultation and collaboration in all aspects of a project; ensuring immediate response to Statements of Work (SOW's), compliance to Performance Work Statements (PWS's) and security plans. Value recovery through closed-loop solutions, ensure our customers are provided the most secure, efficient, and cost effective solutions in the industry... read more


HVF, Tucson, is accredited by Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) for meeting the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) Best Management Practices Certificate ID 2012HV0417-1, for Recycling of Aerospace Materials. AFRA is recognized as the leading global industry association; dedicated to pursuing and promoting environmental best practice, regulatory excellence and sustainable developments in aircraft disassembly, salvage, and recycling of aircraft parts and materials.


Our facilities operate under stringent guidelines established by ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 to provide safe, environmentally sound services; and by registrar British Standards Institute (BSI) to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 Standard for Demilitarization and Material Recovery with a focus on Security assures reliability and protection of sensitive materials from vision to execution... read more


We offer Ordering Agencies flexible alternatives. Our efforts to continually create more efficient alternatives for our customers resulted in the award of General Services Administration (GSA) Contract GS-10F-0088U. The resultant Contract Vehicle provides Ordering Agencies a streamlined processes for negotiation of mutually beneficial agreements, decreased overhead, increased monetary recovery , and significant time savings... read more


Our organization provides demilitarization and total destruction of military equipment with material/value recovery in CONUS and OCONUS regions. With a capacity in excess of 20 MLbs monthly per facility, typical materials processed include; Aluminum, High-Temp Alloys, Titanium, Exotic Alloys,  Super Alloys, Composites, Carbon Fiber, and Precious Metals. Atypical materials include, but are not limited to, Refrigerants, Petroleum’s, Oils and Lubricants (POL's), Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW), Kevlar™, Plastics, and an array of materials typically relegated to landfills, or rejected, by other processors... read more

Our Mission

"We are motivated by the knowledge that the Earth's resources are finite. We are dedicated to seeking and implementing ways of reclaiming and recycling all that mankind uses and casts aside. We are driven to our task by the conviction that the bounty of this Earth is but a loan...not to be consumed but, rather, to be shared with all future generations."

Leonard Fritz