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 About Us

Beginning operations in 1995 at our Tucson, AZ, facility, we were witness to history when 365 B-52Gs were flown to the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARC) at Davis-Monthan Air Base in Arizona for demilitarization Bombers under the START Treaty.

The bombers were stripped and sheared into five pieces; demilitarization consisted of severing the wings and cleaving the fuselages into three separate pieces; verification was provided via Russian satellite imagery.

We are Secure DEMIL and Material Recovery Experts

Since beginning operations in 1995, HVF West LLC has preserved its impeccable track record of  0 "ZERO" security or performance issues through vigilant operational control and pervasive security in the completion of a wide range of projects, including those on:

Land - Demilitarization, destruction, mutilation, disposition, disposal and material recovery from more than 1000 Humvees , (HMMWV) and MK48 Logistics Vehicle System (LVS) in all configurations, including up-armored, missile pods, rocket motors, and more than 1000 tanks, turrets, artillery pieces, classified electronics, and other sensitive military equipment (SME).

Air - Demilitarization, destruction, mutilation, disposition, disposal and material recovery from more than 3000 aircraft including B 1, B 2, B 52 Bombers, C 1’s, C 123's, C 130’s, C 141’s, ICBM's, tactical aircraft, including; A 3’s, A 4’s, A 6’s, A 7’s, E 2’s, F 4’s, F 5’s, F 14’s, F 15’s, F 16’s, F 111’s, F 117’s, F 105’s, F 106’s, P3’s, T 37’s, T 38’s, T 39’s, AV 8’s, P3’s, CH 46's and AH 1J's Cobras, and thousands of of engines, avionics, and other weapon system components.

Sea - In addition to DEMIL and Material Recoveries associated with land and air based weapon systems, services are provided for Naval installations directly, and indirectly, through cooperation with most of the US Governments Top 10 Prime Contractors.

Sensitive Military Equipment (SME)

Our principal business is the demilitarization and complete destruction of military equipment. Capable of processing in excess of 20Mlbs per month, our proprietary processes and equipment provide efficient destruction, and maximum material recovery from sources ranging in size from microchips to jumbo jets; in accordance with specifications defined within the DoD Demilitarization Manual 4160.28-M-V1-3.