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Promoting Health & Safety

Our most valuable assets are the people who work for us. Injuries within our industry can be grave and must be prevented in any way possible.

HVFs objectives to provide an ever safer workplace include continual communication through training and persistent compliance to the regulations and standards governing our industry.

Mission Statement

HVF maintains an active training program for safety and health that identifies general safety issues, as defined in 29 CFR PART 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry, as well as risk management associated with hazards specific to HVF facilities and remote work sites. For information on specific safety and health issues please direct communications to HVF’s Safety Coordinator: Joe Stead at (520) 750-9454 or e-mail: joestead@hvfwest.com

HVF’s Security, Safety, and Health Programs assist and direct all management and employees in identifying and controlling and mitigating identifiable hazards; thus minimizing employee risk, providing extreme high security of customer property and preventing damage to life, environment and assets.

All persons employed at HVF facilities learn our safety program and procedures through compulsory, paid, training sessions delivered via video training modules, classroom based and instructor led study as well as, post-hire on the job training/mentoring programs.

HVF’s unique blend of safety and security training is designed to encourage employees to promote the safety and security among fellow employees for adherence to, and maintenance of safety and health standards.

As such ALL members of management are responsible and held accountable for implementing and insuring that policy, procedure and protocol are followed.