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Environmental Statement

"We are motivated by the knowledge that the Earth's resources are finite. We are dedicated to seeking and implementing ways of reclaiming and recycling all that mankind uses and casts aside. We are driven to our task by the conviction that the bounty of this Earth is but a loan... not to be consumed but, rather, to be shared with all future generations."

                                                                                     … Leonard Fritz

Environmental Policy

Throughout our organization a common goal shall be shared and communicated which:

Environmental Vision

Our group of companies share a common vision where 100% reuse of discarded metals, composites and carbon fiber is made possible through hands-on research, ongoing development of innovative technologies, continual improvement of our quality and environmental systems and rejection of wasteful practices not complimenting or adhering to our pledge of environmental conservation.

At HVF West tomorrows technology is being developed every day by combining aggressive Research and Development with innovative vision and decades of experience. Our company and affiliates annually return Billions of Lbs. of Ferrous and Non-ferrous materials into the manufacturing stream, using the most secure, efficient and environmentally sound methods available.

Our companies do not contribute to overburdened landfill conditions; quite the opposite, landfill operations often depend on us for further processing and extraction of reusable materials.

For more information on our Environmental program please contact us at (520) 750-9454

Reference Links

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