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Quality Statement

Quality, Security, and Safety form the foundation of HVF services. This policy is communicated, understood, and practiced throughout the HVF Organization for continual improvement.

                                                                                  … Douglas P. Fritz

Guided by Ethics

Success is not a product of mediocrity; an organization cannot be successful and average in today's business environment. The quality of a successful organization is a product of ingrained philosophy and ideals. A  successful organization is a product of efficient, dedicated, and well trained personnel. At HVF we maintain a balance of those traits which make our organization the one by which other processors are judged.


It is our mission to continue providing services which consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Opened for business with the primary purpose of contracting with the US Government, HVF facilities maintain Certification by British Standards Institute (BSI) to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 Standard for Demilitarization and Material Recovery with a focus on Security. Our organization adheres to rigid security guidelines and has earned accolades from the Department of Defense, top military officers, and agencies which our services with regularity.

HVF facilities operate under highly secure conditions and have provided Government agencies with Demilitarization and Recovery services since 1995 with 0 "ZERO" security issues. Our ongoing global goal of zero security issues with unrivaled customer satisfaction is achieved through strict observance of policies and procedures implemented at the organizational level using preservation of security as the guiding principle.