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Contract: N00178-11-D-6567
Agency: Naval Sea Warfare Dahlgren
Contract Expiration Date: 04 APR 2019
Program Ceiling: $50.7 bn
Available To: All of the Virtual SYSCOM (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NAVSUP, SPAWAR, and NAVFAC), MSC, SSP, and USMC, and related Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and field activities

Seaport-e Team!

Davidson Logistics Consulting Inc.
Technical Capabilities:
Davidson Logistics Consulting Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business, incorporated by the State of Virginia and licensed in Fairfax County, VA, DLCI logistics systems has one employee; James P Davidson with 50 years of Navy and DOD logistics experience.  Incorporated in July 2004 DLCI logistics systems and services clients have included Maersk Lines Limited, Odyssey Logistics, Panther Logistics, KBR, EcoTru,  Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrop Grumman and startup logistics support contractors in support of Army, Navy, Air force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. 

Address: 4709 Randolph Ct, Annandale, VA 22003
Contact: James P Davidson, RADM, Supply Corps, USN, Retired
E-mail: jpdavidson@aol.com
(703) 919-9034

Geographic Areas: Zone 2
Functional Area: 3.17 - Supply and Provisioning Support

Fritz Enterprises, Inc. (FEI)
Technical Capabilities: Fritz Enterprises, Inc. is an industry leader in the processing of iron and steel units. FEI operates facilities in Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, and Maryland. FEI was incorporated in 1971 with its principal offices located at 1650 W. Jefferson Trenton Michigan 48183. FEI operates shredding, impacting and sizing equipment in its processing of iron and steel and has processed for reuse in excess of 1 million tons in annually period. Supplementing its steel mill servicing operations and capabilities, FEI develops processes for the mining and reclamation of land fill deposits, removing millions of tons of iron and steel for reuse in the manufacture of iron and steel.  FEI participates in the research and development and implementation of proprietary processes directed to the reuse of substantially all of the materials directed to its operations for shredding and processing. By reclaiming and recycling iron and steel units, FEI minimizes the deposit of these materials in landfills. Additionally, as with the experience noted above at HV, the use of recovered and recycled iron and steel units conserves energy consumption in that energy consumed in making finished iron and steel products from virgin ore is on average seven times greater than the energy consumed in making finished iron and steel products from recycled materials. Reduced energy consumption reduces the generation of greenhouse gasses.

Web: Fritz Enterprises Incorporated
1650 West Jefferson, Trenton MI
Contact: William (Bill) Elson, Senior Vice President
Phone: (734) 362-3206

Geographic Areas:
Zone 5
Functional Area: 3.1- Research and Development Support
Functional Area: 3.5 - System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

Huron Valley Steel Corporation (HVS)
Technical Capabilities: Huron Valley Steel Corporation is the industry leader and the nation’s largest processor of secondary non-ferrous metals. HVS has concentrated on the identification, sortation and separation principally non-ferrous metals since its incorporation in 1961. Combining aggressive research and development, innovative vision and decades of experience, HVS’s objectives are to recycle all facets components of materials and products no longer used for their original purpose. This effort has been directed toward the identification, separation and sortation of non-ferrous metals and other recoverable materials using proprietary and patented processes. The recovered materials are recycled to manufacturers who use the same in the manufacture of finished products.

HVS’s recycling and recovery processes results in reduced energy consumption in the manufacture of finished products and minimizes material that is delivered to landfills. Energy savings are realized in that energy consumed in the conversion of natural ore and natural material deposits into finished products is on average seven times greater than that consumed in converting recycled and re-useable materials into finished products. The reduced energy consumption reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses HVS recovers approximately 450 million pounds annually of materials for recycling and reuse which otherwise would have been directed to landfills. HVS has developed sortation technologies which have the capability of identifying metallic units by alloy thus allowing HVS to provide return to weapons manufacturers’ metallic alloys specified by the various military agencies for weapons systems.

Web: Huron Valley Steel Corporation
Address:1650 West Jefferson, Trenton MI
Contact: William (Bill) Elson, Senior Vice President
Phone: (734) 362-3206

Geographic Areas: Zone 5
Functional Area: 3.4 - Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support

Technical Capabilities: HVF is under contract to manage scrap generated by defense contractors Amtec and General Dynamics at the Anniston Army Depot and Westinghouse URS at Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (ANCDF) respectively.

Pursuant to  and in accordance with DOD demilitarization requirements, HVF has destroyed M1 tanks, final drives and transmissions of the M1 tank, M 113’s, Armor Personnel Carriers, Humvees, armor kits for the Humvee; 120mm gun barrel for the M1 tank, 105mm howitzers, small arms components, night vision and laser guided scopes, electronics systems for weapons systems, helicopter and aircraft parts. The demilitarization of this equipment and systems supports the acquisition process of weapons systems by addressing end of life requirements.

Address 1:
7744 Alabama Highway 144 Alexandria Alabama and at
Address 2:
7187 Alabama Hwy 77, Ohatchee Alabama 36271
Contact: Scott B Laughlin, VP Operations and Business Development
Phone: (520) 750-9454

Geographic Areas: Zone 5
Functional Area: 3.13 - Inactivation and Disposal Support
Functional Area: 3.16 - Logistics Support

Technical Capabilities: JCB, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with proven and recognized acquisition and logistics skills, experience and leadership; An Acquisition Professional and certified DAWIA Level III in Production & Manufacturing. Held leadership positions at the organizational –squadron level, Carrier (CV) AIMD Officer and FRC Commander. Experience and knowledge of the acquisition process, the logistics elements and supply chain management. JCB, LLC has provided direct support for planning and implementation for the critical elements in the development of an alternative agile, flexible and smaller workforce in support of future operations and maintenance support strategies for CVN-21. JCB, LLC has provided program support to supply chain initiatives, acquisition logistics elements and the training requirements to meet the Warfighter requirements.

JCB, LLC supports Navy customers with the development of metrics and identification of intermediate products and services that directly support the mission needs. Currently, JCB, LLC is supporting the naval aviation Maintainer with Human Systems Integration / Human Factors Engineering protocols to improve Maintainer performance. Focused on three main areas; Training, Tools & Equipment and Documentation and Data Systems, data collection, process mapping and analysis are identifying quick and relatively inexpensive improvements.

602 Dogleg Drive, Williamsburg, VA 23188
Contact: John Bucelato, President
Phone: (757) 880-9000
E-mail: bucelato@cox.net

Geographic Areas: Zones 2 and 3
Functional Area:
3.2 - Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
Functional Area:
3.7 - Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support
Functional Area:
3.8 - Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support
Functional Area:
3.17 - Supply and Provisioning Support
Functional Area:
3.18.2 - Professional Development and Training Support
Functional Area:
3.19 - In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support
Functional Area:
3.21 - Functional and Administrative Support

Kokua Support Services
Technical Capabilities: Kokua Support Services corporate beginnings were as the Electronic Protective Coating Services (EPCS) Company.  EPCS is a company with over 20 years of proven experience in providing manufacturing and technical services to commercial, industrial, and government clients.  The company has earned its reputation by creating new and innovative processes and concepts that resulted in significant process improvements and cost savings including cutting-edge services for protecting internal circuits in hostile operating environments.  Kokua Support Services main focus is to provide rapid prototyping support, engineering development, and professional contracting services to all federal government agencies, and they’re specializing in the development of high technology prototype hardware and software products to meet the varied critical demands of military customers.

In March 2009, the SBA approved the acquisition of a majority interest in EPCS by Eo Na Punawai, an SBA-certified NHO located in Honolulu, Hawaii whose charter is to provide a mean to educate Native Hawaiian youth pursuing an advanced education in technical field.  Following this acquisition, EPCS began doing business as Kokua Support Services Corporation (Kokua). Kokua Support Services obtained its 8(a) SDB certification on August 2007. 

Kokua was awarded Seaport E contract in 2008 in all seven regions and presently provides logistics support to the Naval Munitions Command in Yorktown Virginia and subcontract services to Cruz Associates, Inc. (CAI) for technical, analytical, logistic, and program management services in the development, modification, and fielding of Special Operations Aviation aircraft supporting the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment (ABN).  Aircraft include the  A/MH6 Little Bird, MH-47G Chinook and the MH60K/L/M Blackhawk.

Web: Kokua Support Services
6515 George Washington Memorial Highway, Suite # 101, Yorktown, VA 23693
Sang Tran, President/CEO
(757) 243-8462
E-mail: sang@kokuasupportservices.com

Geographic Areas:
Zone 3
Functional Area: 3.16 -
Logistics Support
Functional Area: 3.21
- Functional and Administrative Support

Odyssey Logistics and Technology Corporation
Technica Capabilities: Odyssey Logistics and Technology Corporation provides logistics management services with primary focus on the manufacturing industry, particularly chemicals.   Their comprehensive international logistics management expertise relies on a robust technology infrastructure with state of the art 24/7 tracking and visibility with over $1.6 billion in transportation and 45 million transactions annually including a special focus on hazardous material transportation.  This involves seamless connectivity with the customers ERP system allowing for even more cost effective visible, safe transportation of expensive frequently hazardous material. 

Web: Odyssey Logistics
39 Old Ridgebury Rd - N1, Danbury, CT 06810
Contact: Kevin M. Land, Vice President of Global Solutions
(401) 885-8621

Geographic Areas: Zone 1
Functional Area: 3.13 - Inactivation and Disposal Support
Functional Area: 3.16 - Logistics Support
Functional Area: 3.17 - Supply and Provisioning Support